Revision doors - for each dimension

Our offer also includes access doors made of stainless steel and brass - for all dimensions.

Revision doors are necessary at each home. They are fixed in a place, which empties chimney sweep with soot, but it also can be installed in ventilation ducts, what allows to control and clean them easily. Due to the use access doors must be made of non-flammable materials or have adequate fire protection, because it is difficult to predict when the soot can ignite. Our customers pay attention increasingly not only on safety function and utility, but also on their esthetic aspects. We offer you access doors made of brass or stainless steel available in many different colours. They can be used anywhere, even where they will be potentially under the constant influence of harmful atmospheric agents. Our products are durable so they perform well and present for many years.

Access doors - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel - Grinding

Stainless Steel - Polished

Stainless Steel - Grinded - with lock

Access doors - brass

Polished brass

Grinded brass

Patina brass

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