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LUX METAL Marek Florczyk has been producing all kinds of stainless steel and brass articles constantly for several years. Our experience has enabled us to refine the best techniques to ensure high quality of our products. We realize individual customer orders - unusual shapes, any dimensions.

We offer stainless steel railings, ventilation grilles and access doors made of stainless steel and brass in any size, as well as all kinds of other products made of stainless steel. We are constantly expanding our range of products and designs to meet the requirements of the customers.

We use stainless steel and brass, both polished and ground and patina version as well. We also offer ventilation grilles, access doors and covers for fans. We use the highest quality materials from European suppliers. We present you our selected works in the section of Stainless Steel Products. We offer you short lead times and competitive prices. Do you need something special? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our phone numbers on sub page Contact.

We are willing to establish cooperation. Take advantage of our offer.
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Ventilation grilles
Ventilation grilles Ventilation grilles made of stainless steel and brass – in any size you want.
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Revision doors
Revision doors The offer also includes access doors made of stainless steel and brass - for each dimension.
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Stainless steel products
Stainless steel products We make all kinds of stainless steel polished and brushed – for all dimensions.
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Stainless steel railings
Stainless steel railings Our railings are characterized by original design and high quality.
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